1Password Password Manager - Full Free Tutorial

In light of the recent HeartBleed bug that is affecting 65% of the internet (!) here is a simple 4 step process to put everything right.


Step 1


Get a good password manager - I recommend 1Password which is is currently on sale due to HeartBleed - 50% off both the Mac and iOS versions!


Step 2


Watch the 1Password tutorial above. This is a full video tutorial explaining how to install, setup and use 1Password on your Mac (there are versions of 1Password for iOS and Windows too!)


Step 3 


Use the built in password generator in 1Password to generate strong unique passwords for all your web based accounts - FaceBook, Twitter, Amazon, etc and all your email accounts and bank accounts too!


Step 4


If you have an iOS device, get 1Password for iOS to keep all your passwords with you on the go. Once you've set up 1Password on your Mac, you can sync the passwords with iCloud or DropBox. There's also a 1Password for iOS video tutorial you can watch but that's on my membership site.


No worries though, as you can sign up for a free 14 day membership here and see how 1Password for iOS works - here's the link to the video once you've registered for a membership.


There's another 500+ Mac and iOS videos covering all sorts of topics that you can take a look at once you have a membership!


Good luck and I hope the video helps!



Don McAllister